Sintra & Cascais Tour Options

Sintra & Cascais Tours

Sintra (Romantic Views)

Through labyrinthine gardens and palaces you will get to know the mysterious Sintra. It is an inspiring and intimate track that combines nature, culture, history and mysticism. The main attraction is the colourful Pena Palace with its Chalet hidden in botanic gardens. On this tour it is possible to stroll along the walls of Moorish Castle, in the romantic gardens of Monserrate or the halls under Mudéjar influence in the Palace of the town. This tour can be extended and combined with the area of Sintra-Cascais Natural Park which is the area of the mountain of Sintra, the forest, the Sintra shoreline (cliffs, beaches, villages) and Cascais shoreline which has places like Guincho beach and moving sand dunes. You may customize the tour for your own interest, if more nature or cultural and historical tour. Places you may choose: Azenhas do Mar, Maças beach, Adraga beach, dinosaur footprints, Ursa cliffs/beach, Roca Cape headland, Peninha lookout/forest, palaces (Pena, Castle, Regaleira, National Palace, Monserrate) and Guincho beach, Crismina, Abano beach or Boca do Inferno and Cascais village.

Cascais – Guincho Geo Tour

 Between land and sea there are so many secrets on the shoreline. Greenwalk helps to reveal some of them through our geo-guides.

Near Cascais, Guincho Beach is famous for activities such as surfing, windsurfing or kitesurfing. Here there is a fossil dune carved by the winds as if it were a giant sandy wave. The shoreline rises smoothly and is covered with endogenous vegetation, Carrasco (kermnes Oaks), Sabina-das-Praias (Juniperus phoenica) or Esteva (Cistus ladanifer). We shall visit the spectacular Eruptive Cross Veins, a marble quarry and some abandoned lime kilns.

From Cascais village to Guincho beach we can go on bike or hike along 10km on a plateau close to low cliffs on a rugged and dramatic coastline where the ocean slashed the rocks in different layers and where we can find several Cretaceous and Jurassic fossils.


1. Sintra palaces walk/hike;
2. Mountain forest and Peninha lookout hike;
3. Shore cliffs and beaches hike:
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This activity gives us closer contact to nature and a more sustainable way to visit any place. However for some hike options we may need transportation for a starting point.
1. Sintra Romantic Views Hike this is a walk from the town to the top of the Hill reaching the Moorish Castle and Pena Palace. Can be extended with Regaleira and National Palace. Around 7km, 4-5 hours. Difficulty level (1-5)= 3-4.
2. Hike along the coastline from Praia das Maças to Adraga Beach visiting dinosaur footprints or can be extended to Roca and Ursa Beach/cliffs. Time: 3-4 hours. Difficulty level (1-5) = 2/3.
3. Hike in the mountain forest. Trails in a very dense woodlands of the mountain of Sintra that can be combined Peninha lookout summit but also with other interesting rocky formations as Adro Nunes and the tholos of Monge Neolithic temple.Time from 2-5hours, Difficulty level (1-5) =2-3.
4. Hike along north cliffs at Cascais ?Guincho shoreline.Shore cliffs and beaches hike, very stripped from vegetation landscape along the shore but very interesting about rock formations which includes very unique cross veins rock formation and others.Time: 4-6 hours, difficulty level (1-5) =2/3.
5. Long hike from Sintra town to Roca Cape headland. We will cross all mountain ranges from east to west and return by bus. The hike goes around 19-20km. Time around 6-7hours. Difficulty level (1-5)=4-5. 

Bike/eBike Tours

1. Bike tour around monuments (step climbings/descendings);
2. Bike tour from Sintra to shore (long riding) Including Roca Cape headland.;
3. Bike tour from Sintra to Cascais/ Possible to start in Cascais or Sintra (Pickup needed  in Cascais or Sintra);
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Only recomend for very experienced bikers (even with ebike). Sintra hills are not so easy to bike as in the flatter áreas or smooth hills. Here the slopes are frequently very  step. Even so we still have several difficulty levels.

Jeep Tour

1- Sintra monuments transportation
2- Sintra monuments plus the Natural
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We are a nature tourism company with licencse fromNatural Park for some off road. This tour is the one which can make possible to visit more places in a day tour and more accessible for people with physical limitation/hadicap